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IMA partners with Abbott


Celebrates Doctors’ Day across India through a blood donation drive

On the eve of Doctors’ Day, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) partnered with Abbott in India to conduct a blood donation drive across the company’s offices across India. This was a unique initiative as IMA branches all over India worked to conduct these camps and achieved a milestone of collecting 1310 units of blood from 33 offices in 20 cities.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Ravi Wankhedkar, National President, IMA said, “Every donor has the potential to save three lives, through various blood components, such as platelets, plasma and red blood cells. There is no substitute to human blood, and we have to rely on the willingness of people to help others to fulfill requirements. We are happy to have been associated with Abbott for the past three years to increase awareness and drive donation camps across their offices. We have been able to witness the collective strength and community service of a corporate through this precious cause.”



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