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India is a big growth propeller for our business : N Sotomatsu, Executive Director, Erbis Engineering Company


Canon Medical Systems has a keen interest in the Indian healthcare market. N Sotomatsu, Executive Director, Erbis Engineering Company, in an interaction with Raelene Kambli, talks about the company’s India plans

Canon Inc and Canon Medical Systems Corporation recently announced the official corporate name change of Canon Group Company Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation to Canon Medical Systems Corporation. How will it impact the business?

Well, everything remains the same. In fact, our products will now be even better. We will integrate all the expertise that Canon carries in terms of product development, innovations and business ways to provide better products to customers across the global.

Do you see an opportunity for Canon in the Indian market?

Yes, India is a very important market for us, especially, for its unique and diverse nature. We look India as one of our big growth propellers for our business.

What is your vision for Canon Medical systems in the Indian market?

\The Indian market is very unique, unlike other markets where the demand for medical imaging products is either high-end or low-cost. India has a varied demand, customers here require solutions from the basic range of primary systems to high-end sophisticated equipment. So, we see a lot of opportunity for us. We are also looking at a lot of investments in India for new products. We want to focus on good quality products at affordable costs. Hence, our vision is to make for India and the Asian Oceanian region.

We will also bring a wide range of products, which will focus specifically for the Indian market.

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