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Robotic process automation is transforming the healthcare industry

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Amruta Kallimani, Head of Blue Prism COE, Vuram highlights the role of robotics in transforming healthcare industry

Healthcare is one of the highly sophisticated industries requiring substantial resource allocation containing multiple rule-based processes covering high volumes of data. Traditional approaches result in increased operating costs with a high probability of errors and slower processes due to repetitive and mundane manual tasks.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in healthcare enables software robots to take over these tasks while eliminating human errors, ensuring all stakeholders, including patients, administrators, caregivers, and professionals, benefit from an exceptional experience at a pace that is impossible to match manually.

For instance, automation and plug-and-play automation solutions from Vuram, a hyperautomation company, allow enabling digital workforce managed by business operations teams and centrally secured by information technology teams. Software robots developed by Vuram emulate human activity using existing user interfaces, eliminating high costs of operation and slow turnaround time.

Also, tasks requiring high levels of coordination, including email communications to the patients on the appointment reminders, new product advertisements, invoice processing for claim settlements, can be automated and processed securely using software robots. RPA enhances data confidentiality due to the high level of transparency. Recently, automation enabled GDPR compliance in the European region, which can be time-consuming for the human workforce.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities can implement RPA from the first point of contact with the registration of patient details. Data entry can be automated using bots, ensuring patient onboarding at a rapid pace, eliminating chances of delay, and ensuring that the patient gets medical attention efficiently, saving precious lives. By streamlining front-office support and making it easy to manage patient queries, RPA solutions offer higher quality customer service.

The healthcare sector can achieve a high level of managerial efficiency through automating hospital management, including human resources functions like onboarding, offboarding, transfers, accessories management, and inventory management. Tasks that require high accuracy, such as insurance claims data entry to hospital systems, can be simplified with manual reports converted to digital formats.

The digital records can be integrated securely with the client’s database, from which bots can extract and update data to their core systems. RPA implementation from Vuram enables efficient management of preliminary diagnosis in selecting proper doctors and providing them with all the medical records and data about the patient for diagnosis.

In the healthcare sector, managing appointments at scale can be challenging and life-changing. Intelligent automation using chatbots provides a seamless experience for scheduling, rescheduling, or canceling appointments. The solution offers a hassle-free experience managing the appointments keeping all the stakeholders informed on everything they require.

In claims processing, different approaches can be implemented rapidly for various insurance providers based on their requirements, sending their settlements in other formats based on their needs. By bringing speed and accuracy in claims processing, patients can access the best treatment, saving lives with access to the right resources. Vuram implemented bots to help Medical Insurance’s new business and renewal policies for one of the leading insurance companies in the Asia region.

Healthcare providers can effectively address every significant issue by leveraging the power of automation and RPA, making healthcare systems more efficient and improving patient satisfaction. Implementing RPA and automation is the next frontier for the healthcare industry to be future-ready to serve patients efficiently and seamlessly. Adopting technologies can enable the industry to identify solutions in real-time with the right tools and technology to benefit society.

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