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SigTuple raises $5.8 million in Series A funding


SigTuple is working with large hospitals and labs and a group of medical experts in various fields

Sigtuple, a startup revolutionising global healthcare space through data driven intelligence, has raised $5.8 million in Series A funding led by Accel Partners with participation from IDG Ventures, Endiya Partners, pi Ventures, VH Capital and Axilor Partners and other prominent investors including Sachin Bansal, Binny Bansal, Amit Singhal (SVP Engineering, Uber and Ex-SVP, Google Search).

The company had raised $740,000 in October 2015 from Sachin Bansal, Binny Bansal, Accel Partners, Ashok Bareja, Dr Nirupa Bareja and Debanjan Mukherjee. SigTuple will use the latest round of funding to expand the team, bullet-proof the platform and the product for user adoption followed by commercials, and regulatory clearances for global markets.

SigTuple’s solutions will allow labs and hospitals to scale by implementing a hub and spoke model where the medical experts can operate from hub and devices can be installed in spokes. The solution will be available at a very affordable price and will enable labs to adopt technology without changing the hardware. It will improve the efficiency of medical experts by automating painful and fatigue driven visual medical analysis process.

The core product of the company is ‘Manthana,’ a continuous learning platform powered by AI for healthcare. The name is coined from ‘Samudra Manthana,’ an important event in Indian mythology. The platform is used to churn data to generate intelligence.

Manthana allows SigTuple to ingest visual medical data from different devices and build a longitudinal memory. It has capability to train, validate and execute AI and ML powered models to classify various objects of interest, detect diseases and compute the metrics for reporting. The metrics provided by the platform are supported by visual evidence which eliminates the need of the medical expert to sit next to the patient, medical device or biological sample.

The platform also exposes an interface for the medical experts to get feedback and annotations which enables continuous learning with new and changing visual medical data.

Currently, SigTuple is using Manthana to provide solutions for automated analysis of peripheral blood smear, urine and semen sample, retinal scans and chest x-rays.

SigTuple is working with large hospitals and labs and a group of medical experts in various fields.

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