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We have made an impact on hospitals and diagnostic centres alike

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Dilip Bhosale, Country Head- Sales, Agfa Healthcare, discusses the growth trajectory of Agfa and how DR systems are their new flagship offering with Prabhat Prakash

How has DR fared in the year 2019?

The year 2019 has witnessed many exciting transformations especially in the DR segment. DR is taking over CR in many applications. From the market perspective, import data clearly indicates a similar trend. Retrofit detectors sales have increased. For our company, this year has been a satisfying year. We have tripled our retrofit sales in 2019 as compared to 2018. We have made an impact not only among big established hospitals but also created a niche in small diagnostic centres. Today, small diagnostic centres are opting for DR systems due to the digital transformation within the sector. This phenomenon is evident across India and I see this as a growth trajectory for us too.

How much has AGFA grown in the last year?

We grew by six per cent in turnover in the last year. We also sell hard copy films, where we grew by 14 per cent in volume. In the last one year due to cost-cutting everywhere, the overall revenue growth was not equal to the market growth in quantum.

Share some insights into your flagship products?

Taking clues from the market needs, we have been promoting our retrofit DR systems. It is a new addition to our portfolio of products and has now become our flagship offering. We have integrated that with what is the need in India, which we offer an easy payment scheme. This enables the buyer to acquire the technology at a low initial cost and spread the remainder of the payment over the next three years. We provided this in our CR systems too and we have now incorporated this into our DR systems. This has enabled us to build better relationships with our clients and felicitated us to create value for all.

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