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Choice is going to be cornerstone for healthcare in future

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Bejon Misra, Founder, Patient Safety and Access Initiative of India Foundation and Partnership for Safe Medicines (PSM) India Initiative in his address, thanked the jury members comprising Dr KK Kalra and Dr Ratna Devi for their support and guidance in deciding the deserving winners. He also appealed to all present at the occasion to file more nominations in the future and compete with each other to understand where they stand when it comes to healthcare delivery according to the parameters set by The Express Group.

Misra then lauded the hospitals who participated in the awards for their commendable work through the years. “India’s private healthcare sector has been a great contributor to the country healthcare system. The healthcare scenario would have been in a worse state had it not been for the efforts of the private sector,” he maintained.

He stated that the government doesn’t even contribute 20 per cent of the country’s healthcare delivery system. 80 per cent of the country’s healthcare is delivered by the private sector. He then spoke about how everyone wants UHC and how Ayushman Bharat plays a crucial role in this mission. Ayushman Bharat’s prime motive is to provide quality healthcare to all and how healthcare delivery cost is a very relative term. The most important parameter for healthcare is quality and that the country must focus on building better regulations for quality standards.

Encouraging hospitals to seek accreditation, he said that NABH has brought in some kind of standard which certain hospitals have agreed to abide by. The numbers are very few and they definitely aren’t very encouraging. He went on to say that, NABH today has become a differentiator for hospitals who have been accredited. These standards help hospitals to become patient centric and focus on quality standards.

“Choice is going to be the fundamental cornerstone in the healthcare delivery system in the coming years. We as patients have always wanted an informed choice,” Misra echoed. Talking about the government’s proactive steps to improve healthcare funding and encouragng the private sector to partner with the government, he said, “Now the government has increased the GDP spend on healthcare to 2.25 per cent. In due course of time it can be taken to 5-10 per cent. That money is going to trigger the change as that money is going to go to the private sector. The private sector has always claimed that they take care of the poor with free treatment of 5-10 per cent. Now Ayushman Bharat is going to pay for free treatments. He encouraged everyone to join the Ayushman Bharat scheme to understand losses, how money would be recovered for the losses.”

He further added that we need to convince the government that 15 per cent incentive should be given to NABH accredited hospitals and 10 per cent for entry level hospitals which can be increased further as more hospitals get empanelled to NABH. On an ending note he congratulated all the winners and thanked everyone for the tremendous work done by them for the healthcare industry.

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