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AI in ultrsound by Sonoscape

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Gaurav Mangol, Head Marketing, Sonoscape addressed the audiences at Radiology and Imaging Conclave 2019 and spoke on how Sonoscape’s AI embedded products make workflow and accuracy much easier and reliable for the healthcare sector.

Mangol spoke on Wizplus, an AI platform, when integrated into their systems, enhances speed and accuracy, as well as reduce work time at the push of a button. The ultrasound images that are obtained are of high quality which identifies the structures and provides accurate measurements of clinical images.

He informed how their S-fetus, with the touch of a button, identifies, structures and automatically provides measurements, which helps reduce the key strokes by 80 per cent. Scanning time is reduced by about 90 per cent for each measurement taken with 95 per cent accuracy. Manually it takes forty seconds with 23 keystrokes, with S-fetus it just takes three seconds with the press of a button and one key stroke.

He further added how Auto Plus, an intelligence system provides autophase, auto IMT, pulse wave which comes automatically with the touch of one button. Autophase in 3D and 4D with the click of a button removes artefacts and provides clear images. Auto colour resizes the boxes and saves a lot of work time. With the press of a button, the pulse wave spectrum gets optimised automatically. There is auto ejection friction for cardiology and abc follicle for gynaecology.

He provided insights into the full range of ultrasound transducers (single crystal transducers) with premium segment technology and how it provides better clarity, better signal-to-noise ratio, suppression of side loop artefacts and good contrast image in their equpiment.

He concluded by explaining that the full range of ultrasound transducers for radiology, OBG, intra operative transducers, DE probes, urology, volume probes, biopsy probes, equipment for all kinds of applications in radiology, OBG, small pots and vascular, paediatrics OBG, cardiology are available for the customers.

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