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New-age solutions from Neusoft

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Anupam Agarwal, MD Consort and India Representative, Neusoft Medical spoke to the audience about his company’s offerings. Stating that Neusoft is the Microsoft of China, Agarwal informed how Neusoft provides software services to over 200 MNCs, is operational in 110 countries and has associations with over 9000 institutions with training centres in China and the US, as well as R&D centres in Shanghai, Shenyang, and Guangzhou.

Agarwal took the audience through the evolution of the company and informed how they had developed the first scientific CT scanner in 1994 and rolled out a CT scanner in 1997, in China. Today, Neusoft sells about 30000 thousand equipment globally and employs about 8000 people across the globe. For medical purposes there are about 2000 employees globally.

He mentioned that in 2011, Neusoft sold its first CT scanner and MRI in the US. Today, they have setup a global CT trading centre Cleveland. He also spoke about how Neusoft in 2016 developed a 128-slice CT scanner, and in 2018 a PET CT and MR with TI and DSA.

He elaborated on the range of CT scanners that Neusoft has to offer such as the 16-slice, 64-slice, and 128-slice with dual energy scanners. The latest is the 256-slice new MR with AI, nuclear medicine with linear accelerators and PET CT with 64-slice, all types of digital radiography, mammography, IVD products, ultrasound, complete radiology and a mobile CT scanner with a generator for disaster management and rural areas. Their mobile CT scanner has been a success in China. Neusoft is also looking at cost-effective solutions for their mobile CT scanner in India. He also mentioned about the cloud-based services that Neusoft offers with its range of products.

He spoke about the certifications of all products that Neusoft has to offer and informed that all products are CE FDA, QVC, ISO, US FDA approved and international standards are maintained.

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