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5th Annual meeting and medical device expo to be held in Mumbai

The platform will bring doctors, researchers, innovators, entreprenuers and other stakeholders together to accelerate indigeneous and affordable medical device innovation

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The 5th Annual Meeting and Medical Device Expo is all set to be held in Mumbai on April 13, 2019. Over the last five years, the BETiC – Biomedical Engineering & Technology (incubation) Centre at IIT Bombay along with 10 partner institutes across Maharashtra, and 100 researchers and doctors, has been working closely to develop affordable medical devices.

The team has been filed 50 patents and licensed 12 technologies to startup companies or industry partners. Renowned personalities like Dr Anil Kakodkar, Chair RGS&T Council, Government of Maharashtra; Dr Manish Agarwal and Dr Lancelot Pinto, Hinduja Hospital; Dr Anvay Mulay, Fortis Hospital, and Dr Alaric Aroojis, B J Wadia Hospital.

Products (smart stethoscope, diabetic foot screener, glaucoma screener, fracture splint, surgical instruments) and some brand-new innovations will be on display at the 5th anniversary celebrations and expo.

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