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Clinivantage Healthcare Technologies, SAH Global announce a global strategic partnership


Through this partnership the companies aim to revolutionise cancer care along with healthcare in general.

Clinivantage Healthcare Technologies announced a global strategic partnership with SAH Global. Through this partnership Clinivantage will deliver joint solutions designed to leverage and deploy their connected healthcare ecosystem for the best cause of cancer patients across the globe. This will empower SAH Global, to seamlessly connect and enable an new level of intelligent care, engagement across patients, smart chronic care management, remote and extended care, telemedicine, delivering high end healthcare connected systems across IoA and DoT.

Speaking on the occasion, Nilesh Jain, Director, Clinivantage said, “We believe that within a few years, major decisions will be made with the help of AI and cognitive technologies like ours. With today’s announcement, the power of Clinivantage will serve millions of healthcare consumers to provide an unprecedented level of care across developing and developed nations and empower SAH Global to make smarter, better and informed decisions. This year we expect Clinivantage solutions will touch 20 Million people – through everything from administration to oncology and IPD to chronic care and remote care management.”

“In the age of heavy competition in every field, partnerships and joint ventures are the way to sustain. But, joint ventures like Clinivantage and SAH, are exclusive and of great importance as both render unique services and products that are unmatched in their own domains. We are thrilled to form an alliance with Clinivantage Healthcare – which has core values closest to that of SAH Global. It’s the best of both worlds,” said, Feroz Agad, Chairman, SAH Global.

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