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Credihealth launches comprehensive care platform for COVID-19

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The COVID-linked healthcare services are available nation-wide

As the COVID-19 pandemic grips the nation, there is a serious need felt for bringing timely, nation-wide access to COVID-linked healthcare services. “The society is inquisitive and apprehensive about the recent developments around COVID-19 and what they require is a platform where both these issues can simultaneously be handled with ease and comfort. While they require updated content as to what, when and how the COVID-19 virus functions within a human body, at the same time, they must also be educated about what ones needs to do in case of symptoms,” said Ravi Virmani, Founder, CEO, Credihealth. “Hence we have brought together under one care platform, a range of services which include COVID-19 screening tests by our partners, same-day pharmacy solutions, air and road ambulance service across the nation,” he added.

The platform also hosts a bevy of content pieces that encompass basic ‘do’s and don’ts’ for the patient under quarantine and his caregiver and how Credihealth can bring the aforementioned services to them. Virmani further added, “We’ve been an undisputed leader in managing the end to end patient experience for the serious illness and patient admissions business, and our recent foray in the COVID-19 space is a natural progression at these trying times for everyone. We’ve accumulated our knowledge base and large network and brought them forth for the patients in need, all under one easy to access platform.”

The brand has also put out a dedicated team of highly qualified and trained COVID-19 Care Managers who assist susceptible patients or those who require any of the aforementioned services.

Speaking about the recent development and the new initiatives, Gaurav Gupta, Senior Vice President – Market Development, Credihealth said, “Today, consumer-facing health technologies need to reinvent their offerings according to the need of a patient experiencing social distancing and locked-down state of affairs. Hence, we have expanded our services in COVID-19 screening tests, pharmacy, diagnostics, critical care assistance, home care aid and equipment delivery at doorstep, mental wellness and counselling among others.”


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