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Indian organisations are fast turning to telemedicine as part of their employee health programmes

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The COVID-19 outbreak has pushed employers to take employee health seriously, many are offering various solutions that go beyond hospitalisation benefits

MFine is now being used by over 200,000 corporate employees and their families for preventive health checks, mental health consultations and advanced screenings. Organisations in India are now fast turning to telemedicine as part of their employee health programmes. The MFine Corporate Product has seen strong growth in the last two months with more than 35 organisations partnering with the company to offer virtual OPD consultation benefits to their employees.

The COVID-19 outbreak has pushed employers to take employee health seriously and many are offering various solutions that go beyond hospitalisation benefits. Traditional health benefits in most corporations are health insurance with hospitalisation cover, annual health checks and employee assistance plan, all of which are reactive and applicable only when someone falls sick and /or needs hospitalisation. This is set to change as most people are now aware of the consequences of deprioritising their own health and the cost attached to medical care. With the Coronavirus outbreak, social distancing measures, and added mental stress, employees are asking for comprehensive healthcare packages as part of their employment contracts. Apart from hospitalisation benefits, some of the most common requested inclusions are teleconsultation, specialties such as gynaecology and paediatrics, mental health cover, OPD visits, and home health checkups. Recently, IRDAI has also mandated health policies to cover telemedicine consultations.

MFine Corporate Product offers a range of packages for organisations to choose from according to their requirements. 

Key Features:

  • Bulk Consultation Pack: Corporates, depending on their headcount, can buy consultation packs (X number of consultations) which can then be utilised by employees and / or in some cases family members. Once the given pack gets utilised the company can refill the same.
  • Subscription Pack: Corporates subscribe to unlimited consultations for their employees. These unlimited consultations are restricted to few specialities or all specialities available on MFine app.

    • Primary Care – Only GP consultations
    • Specialty Care – GP, gynaecology, paediatrics, diet and dermatology
    • Super-specialty Care – All 30 specialties
  • Comprehensive Health Checks: MFine offers preventive health checks and advanced screenings, conducted both at home and onsite as per an organisation’s requirements
  • COVID-19 Online Assessment: A dedicated corporate outreach to help organisations combat the Coronavirus crisis, offering unlimited online consultations for employees and their family
  • Trusted Expertise: MFine is currently assisting more than 10,000 transactions everyday. The startup has over 2500 doctors from over 500 leading hospitals consulting across 30 specialities on its platform.

Users get a valid prescription at the end of a consultation and can get medicines delivered using the MFine app. In addition to virtual visits, MFine also allows for a physical follow up with the doctor at hospitals for no additional costs. Apart from teleconsultations, employees can avail on-the-job medical screenings, which has been live on MFine for the last 2 years. 

MFine is helping many large organisations such as OLA in providing telemedicine as part of the overall corporate health programme. The company aims to add 200 more corporates in the next six months. 

Sudhir Bhat, Human Resources, ANI Technologies said, “Staying healthy is vital for a happier and more productive lifestyle and providing access to primary healthcare for our employees will ensure that they stay healthy, and keep their families safe. We are happy to have MFine as our corporate healthcare partner. Our employees are especially happy to have access to MFine’s services as they can access top doctors. We hope to see more innovation emerge from MFine that can redefine the state of healthcare in India.

Ashutosh Lawania, Co-Founder, MFine stated, “The new realities of healthcare delivery in a post-COVID-19 world will necessitate the continued use of telemedicine to support social distancing and maximise healthcare resources. The COVID-19 epidemic has also fundamentally changed the benefits landscape. Employers offering telehealth benefit from a healthier and more productive workforce while employees benefit from a convenient form of medical care. It’s a solution that is going to underpin employee well-being initiatives in the years to come.”

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