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Indigital Technologies launches Kribado, a hand-held screening machine

It is the next generation risk stratification device for healthcare companies and healthcare practitioners

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Indigital Technologies, a research based technology company has launched Kribado, a hand-held screening device.

Kribado is the next generation behaviour setting and risk stratification device for Healthcare companies and Healthcare Practitioners (HCP).

Through the launch of Kribado, Indigital Technologies aim to make more productive use of digital tools for more engaged patients and more effective treatment plans.

Kribado will assist healthcare practitioners in treating care seekers by implementing a pre-admission level. It is a non-invasive screening device that right-away analyses the patient’s condition and provides a risk score while the patient is in the waiting room. By using this screening machine, clinics and hospitals can triage the patients to the relevant procedures or treatments by early identification of risk as well as the degree of risk.

Speaking about the launch of Kribado, Hiren Dhuvad, Chief Executive Officer, Indigital Technologies said, “Kribado is another step in accomplishing our mission to empower the patients, provider and other constituents for better patient outcomes and better healthcare through technology driven initiatives. The system is designed to eliminate the chances of data collection errors by structuring each screen, making sure it is easy to use with a consistent flow of data.”

“Our platform is internationally adopted and simple to use. We are changing how doctors treat patients by providing seamless technology solutions for clinics and hospitals to make the experience connected, more efficient and cost effective”, he added.

Kribado operates using AI and risk calculating algorithms trained on perfect human data. The device has a small touch-screen connected to an embedded printer. While it alerts the care providers to potential behavioural risk factors of all patients in waiting areas, it also gives each company an accurate overview of their phase IV studies, surveys and in-clinic camps.

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