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Experts deliberate on way forward in telemedicine during ICC webinar

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In India the technical framework is ready for telemedicine, not the financial model: N S Viswanathan, CFO, Mfine

Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) organised an interactive e-meeting on telemedicine, with national and international speakers, on the theme, Telemedicine in India – The way forward.

In his welcome address, Prashant Sharma, Chairman, ICC National Healthcare Committee; MD, Charnock Hospital explained that telemedicine is legal in India and we should impliment and take advantage of telemedicine in primary healthcare.

The entire session was moderated by Sanjay Prasad, Member, ICC National Healthcare Committee; President and CEO, Mercy Hospital, who shared his thoughts on telemedicine with the stakeholders on the panel.

Dr Dirk F.P.M.Peek, board-certified anesthesiologist, pain specialist and CEO, TeSo Telemedicine Solutions; Member, International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth, Netherlands presented the advantage of Hippo Health, a telehealth tool, in healthcare as well as in telemedicine

Sanjay Bhardwaj, Strategy, Emerging Market Principal, Rijuven Corp, India and US emphasised on the sustainibility and scalability of the Indian telemedicine companies, where he suggested sharing experiences with other telemedicine companies as well as JV projects. He also explained the scenario of telemedicine in other countries.

N S Viswanathan, CFO, Mfine highlighted that in India the technical framework for telemedicine is ready but not the financial model. Health insurance is applicable to only IPD, not in OPD or day care and therefore patients who use telemedicine can’t avail of health insurance for OPD or day care. He requested policy makers to reflect on these issues for the growth of the telemedicine sector.

Some pathbreaking initiatives in the field were announced in the session by Abhi Emmanuel D’Rozario, inventor of Real Time Telemedicine System, Founder Director, Telemedicine Labs & Research and Dr Mohammad Eakub Ali, Consultant Biomedical Engineer, inventor of Real Time Telemedicine System, Portable Two Wheeler RT Telemedicine Kiosk; Director, Telemedicine Labs And Research. They gave more information about these two initiatives which have been started in many states and would be available all over India by 2030.

The interaction with leaders from different segments of the sector provided some key insights on the way ahead in telemedicine in India, irrespective of whether one is a provider or the one provided to.

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